Teaching activities of LNES consist of:

  1. Education of FER students in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study, selected courses in the field of nuclear energy
  2. Organizing and holding seminars and workshops in cooperation with EU partners



  1. Computational Fluid Dynamics (University graduate)
  2. Computational Heat Transfer (University graduate)
  3. Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer (University graduate)
  4. Mass and Heat Transfer (University graduate)
  5. Nuclear Engineering (University graduate)
  6. Nuclear Safety (University graduate)
  7. Reliability and Availability Assessment Methods (University graduate)
  8. Risk Assessment (University graduate)
  9. Innovative Nuclear Systems for Sustainable Development (Postgraduate doctoral study programme)
  10. Nuclear power plant safety analyses (Postgraduate doctoral study programme)
  11. Probabilistic Assessment of Technological Risk (Postgraduate doctoral study programme)